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TrooTrax is an industrial leading, cloud based GPS tracking web application. It provides 7x24 automated alerts and logistical support to to ensure your mobile assets are operating to-plan. [more...]

We'll Help you put Together the Pieces

Why settle for a canned solution when you can select the best hardware for your industry along with the optimum GSM/CDMA or Satellite airtime. The experts at Troo will help you put together the best solution to suit your needs. Our open platform also makes migrating from older systems seamless.

Tried, Tested & Troo.

Entrust your operations to TrooTrax: Troo is one of the first service providers to deliver 100% cloud-based M2M Location Intelligence. It has been at work behind many brands supplying GPS Tracking and Geomatic (Mapping) applications globally for nearly a decade -- enabling businesses to better Monitor, Measure and Manage their mobile assets and operations.

OEMs, VARs, & Integrators Get Started Building Your Own GPS Tracking Solution 

Mapping, Monitoring & M2M There are many GPS tracking systems but few with the flexibility to adapt to the diverse needs of industry and evolving M2M standards/sensors. With Troo you can choose from low-cost monitoring, as used with lone worker safety, where no maps and no data are required until there is an SOS event. Or you can scale up to multi-layer maps with live GIS data feeds overlaying your fixed or mobile assets and tracking diagnostic data from remote assets - you have all the options.

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